The Maritime Oslofjord Alliance

Oslo Shipowners’ Association, Ocean Industry Forum Oslofjord and Shipping & Offshore Network constituted the Maritime Oslofjord alliance in 2018.

Under one umbrella, Maritime Oslofjord seek to increase collaboration between these associations, linking talent, competence and professionalism within the Oslofjord region for the betterment and creation of ocean business. The combination of common ocean interests, common values and complementary competence defines Maritime Oslofjord's future potential. Through Maritime Oslofjord, the associations share their common interests and align their individual efforts towards many of the same goals.

Maritime Oslofjord will leverage its ability to:

  • Execute – the ability to act on agreed initiatives
  • Influence – the ability to get stakeholders, such as politicians and top level industry heads, on board strategic projects
  • Collaboration – the ability to get people within the ocean industry to work together effectively
  • Strategic thinking – the ability to learn, generate and organise ocean industry ideas.


“Through the Maritime Oslofjord alliance, we wish to contribute to strengthening the maritime and other ocean industries in the Oslofjord region, through increased innovation, cooperation and by ensuring that the companies benefit even more from their memberships of the three associations."

Board Chairs of the three associations, Aage Thoen, Jon Rysst, and Per Olaf Brett · June, 2018



There are many associations and organisations in the maritime and ocean industries in Norway in general and in Oslo in particular. They have different backgrounds and histories.

The maritime industry in the Oslofjord region is Norway's largest. Correspondingly, this region ranks third in the oil and gas sector. With the exception of shipyards, the maritime and offshore environment in the metropolitan area is almost complete. In addition to shipping companies and oil companies, it consists of banks, insurance companies, ship brokers, class companies, ship designers, consulting and engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, lawyers and ports. The Oslofjord region, according to Menon Economics' report "The Leading Maritime Capitals of the World 2017" is the third most important region in the world after Singapore and Hamburg, but before London, Hong Kong and New York. According to the Maritime Forum's "Maritime Value Creation Report 2019", also prepared by Menon Economics, the Oslo Fjord is the region in the Maritime Forum with the highest employment rate in the maritime industry – 18.586 out of a total of 85.268 nationwide.

Through the Maritime Oslofjord alliance, the associations want their member companies to get as much as possible out of their membership. The alliance also aims to contribute to closer contact, more cooperation and experience-sharing between member companies. As part of the alliance, the three associations have coordinated their member-oriented events and opened some of them to each other's members. The associations will make their focus and events more targeted, so that they complement each other better and improve what they offer the different levels and professions in the companies.



  • Coordinate the events of its member associations
  • Unite the shared interests
  • Provide resources and identity to the associations
  • Act as one voice for the associations it represents